John Cavanagh - Doctorate Candidate: Investigates ice dynamic response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to a warming climate. Activities include investigating the impact of melt water on shear margin of Jakobshavn Isbrae and understanding ice sheet response to meltwater injection over annual and decadal time scales.

Casey Joseph - Undergraduate: Involved in mapping supraglacial lakes from high resolution imagery and characterizing the spatio-temporal variability of water-filled crevasses along the margins of Jakobshavn Isbrae.

Harrison Rose - Undergraduate: Modeling of radiative forcing of crevasse melting and filling in shear margins

H. Jay Zwally - Senior Research Faculty: Investigates ice sheet mass balance, dynamics and contributions to sea-level rise. Profound contributions to our understanding of how large ice sheets respond to a changing climate.


Dr. Christopher Karmosky: Former Phd student-Faculty University of Tennessee.

Justin Vanderberg: Former Masters student

Rui Peng: Former Masters student

Mark Salvatore: Undergraduate senior thesis advisor-Brown, University of Arizona

Amy Solomon: Former Masters student

Matthew Jones - Undergraduate: Mapping of supraglacial features